The Diploma must be studied within 2 and 1/2 years maximum; which includes all Assignments, Practical Workshops, the Ministerial Module, Practical and Oral Assessments.

Students are allocated up to one year to complete each Montessori Book. An extension of three months for each Book may be approved on payment of an extension fee of $115 per Book.

Students are allowed six months to complete the Ministerial Module, with an extension of one month available at no charge.

Note: Extensions can only be granted if the enrolment period does not exceed two academic years and enrolment started on or near January of the academic year.


Completion of Course

Full Distance students must complete each Book within the academic year of enrolment, with all Assignment work submitted to your tutor by the 9th of December.

Face to Face students have a separate timetable, with an extra 14 days from the end date of the course to submit all assignments.

For both study options, re-enrolment for the next Book could be done as soon as the student has received the ‘Certificate of Completion’ of the previous Book.